Ecological trips, the trend of the year in tourism MexVax mexican hotels and resorts

Ecological trips, the trend of the year in tourism Visit Mexico

ecological trips, the trend of the year in tourism

The preservation of the ecosystem encourages tourists to choose more ecological destinations. 

A new generation of tourists is committed to choosing ecological trips and seeks that destinations, as well as their accommodations, maintain a philosophy of preservation by the ecosystem. Such is the new trend in tourism for this 2018, according to Booking.com, a platform that connects travelers with accommodation options, which conducted a study that reflects the habits and behavior of new tourists when organizing their trips.

Ecological trips, the trend of the year in tourism

Among these data highlights the importance of ecological tourism as an activity that has gained momentum among Mexicans. For this year, two out of every five travelers plans to make an ecological trip, which is why, compared to the global trend, it places national travelers at the head of this trend.

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Although the concept of sustainable tourism is subjective, since it may have different connotations for different people, more than half of Mexican travelers share that they not only plan to enroll in more eco tours this year, but also look for more sustainable lodging options that in 2017

What drives people to travel more sustainably? It seems that the trip itself is the main motivator, since six out of 10 travelers from all over the world affirm that the impressive natural landscapes that they have visited in the past encourages them to take a trip more in tune with nature; So much so, that 47% of the respondents say that it is the visible positive impact that sustainable tourism can have on the local population is what inspires them to visit these natural destinations.

A large number of travelers from all over the world prefer sustainable tourism because it makes their trip a more positive experience, which shows that sustainability measures do not have to be annoying during their vacations.

Among the ecological tourism activities that make the trip more enjoyable for travelers from around the world include buying local crafts instead of industrial souvenirs, travel by local public transport instead of asking for a taxi, take the trouble to find a restaurant that use local ingredients, leave the most tourist sites to frequent greener destinations, and opt for sustainable accommodation instead of a traditional hotel.

Ecological trips, the trend of the year in tourism

As the intention to travel in a sustainable manner increases, travelers around the world continue to look for ways to achieve this goal more easily. 40% of them say that it would be helpful if the web pages in which they make their reservation included a filter to find environmentally friendly options, while 32% still request an international standard to identify ecological accommodation.


ecological trips, the trend of the year in tourism

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