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Lucha Libre in Mexico City: Top 5 places to visit – Mexican hotels and resorts – Blog Mexvax book an hotel on mexico




Lucha Libre in Mexico MexVax mexican hotels and resorts

Lucha Libre in Mexico City: Top 5 places to visit Get your "mascara" ready for this lucha libre tour in Mexico City!

Lucha Libre in Mexico City makes the city is crazy with emotion and it is for a very good reason. Wrestling has finally been declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mexico City. And to celebrate, here are the 5 best places to enjoy Lucha Libre in Mexico City.

Wrestling is a show that has lived in Mexico City’s culture since the early twentieth century and over time has infiltrated every corner of the capital. To prove it, a second is enough: our superheroes are the wrestlers: El Santo and Blue Demon and every local have gone at least once in his life to the Mexico City Arena. That is why it is common to find lucha libre everywhere, in tortas, in museums and even in the subway. And this route of the struggles will allow you to know every corner.

Arroces del Baby Face: Rice with a punch of Lucha Libre in Mexico City

lucha libre in mexico city

Start the day at the historic post of J. Guadalupe Fuentes-better known as Baby Face-. This Mexican wrestler is one of the legends of wrestling. He was a national champion of lucha libre in Mexico City and traveled to places like Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Canada, the United States and Africa.

Japan was the country that would teach him about cooking, there Baby Face learned everything about rice in the oriental style. And after withdrawing from the lucha libre this knowledge would lead to the Baby Face Rices.

Here you can enjoy some of their classic huaraches accompanied by rice or some of their specialties that, of course, are named after famous fighters. How else can we tell you that in this street stall it is common to find some stars in the ring.


Estación Guerrero: Lucha Libre in movement

The heart of Mexico City is undoubtedly the subway and this unique transport had to give a special space to another emblem of the city. That is why “Legends of Wrestling” emerged, a cultural proposal that has filled the walls of the Guerrero station with the most important characters of this discipline.

We recommend you pay special attention to this stop to see the wonderful mural that covers the ceiling and walls of the station. In it, we can witness some of the most famous techniques of Lucha Libre such as the “media cerrajera”, the “goyo especial” or the “candado a la cabeza”


Lucha Libre Room at the Toy Museum

lucha libre in mexico city

Masks, boots and original costumes of Santo are only a small part of the great stock that MUJAM has in its wrestling room. In addition, you can learn about historical objects that helped form the culture of the struggles in our city such as bootleg fighters, championship posters, autographed photos of legends and never before seen legendary fighters.


El Cuadrilátero

Part of the lucha libre in Mexico City is the food, the fighters have been able to go deep into the cakes. The proof is that for more than 20 years, Super Astro has fed the city with its giant tortas, his famous gladiator torta weighs almost 3 pounds.

Each torta has some name alluding to the lucha libre. And not only the tortas are worth it, the walls of this place are full of history of the fight because we can find masks of some of the most important legends.

Santa Leyenda

Who loves the fights will love Santa Leyenda, this original bar in Tijuana is a temple dedicated to fighting and alcohol-a good combination. The atmosphere is relaxed and you can find all kinds of things related to the fights, like a quadrilateral where different bands are presented.

To drink you can try some of their great craft beers or some of their fighter drinks that will surely send you to the canvas. To accompany, do not forget to order an authentic Tijuana snack.


Lucha libre in Mexico City

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