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Mexico City: Food Tour Indulge your self in eccentric flavors!

Mexico City: Food Tour

From fried crickets and worms to edible roses, this epic food tour through the historic center of Mexico City cannot be missed.


Mexico City Food Touring

Larvae you say? A real delicacy!

Experience the latest take on ultramodern Mexican cuisine. Former Pujol chef Jorge Vallejo draws from traditional ingredients and dishes like cactus, tamales, mole, and escamoles (ant larvae) to create dishes that you can’t experience elsewhere. Not for nothing, Quintonil is currently ranked No.22 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

The dish you have to try. Roasted avocado, escamoles and quelites (edible wild herbs) tartare.



Mexico City Food Tour

Traditional Mexico City food down to its roots

Here Mexican ingredients and dishes are treated with the same respect and refinement as the nouvelle cuisine at the city’s fine-dining spots. Though what the premises lack in decor and styling, its flavor-bursting dishes make up for it:

I found a storefront restaurant in a squat building on a dusty strip in a far-flung neighborhood. It sports blacked-out windows with Venetian blinds, a drop ceiling with a few slow-spinning white ceiling fans, and an unfussy interior that probably hasn’t been touched in decades[…] But it’s wonderful. The food is delicious, yes, but what’s most remarkable about Nicos isn’t just what you eat, it’s the entire package: the service, the showmanship, the sourcing, and the scene. — 

The dish you have to try. The creamy tomato and chicken millefeuille called sopa seca de natas.

Fonda Margarita

Mexico City Food Tour

Ultimate flavor dynamic of Mexico City

Fonda Margarita is a Mexican restaurant founded in the middle of XX Century at Colonia Del Valle in Mexico City, on the place that was the barrio of Tlacoquemecatl. Its menu replicates the everchanging pace of the metropolis, as the bowls of whatever soulful, stewy guisados are bubbling away in the gigantic clay pots at the front of the shop, stacks of steaming tortillas, and bracing, piquant salsas. This is the daily scenario of Mexico City’s Fonda Margarita. Remember to wake up at 5:00 a.m. Fonda Margarita opens for breakfast only, from 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Tuesday through Sunday. The earlier you go, the better—ensure your plate of frijoles negros con huevo and beat the line-out-the-door that forms starting around 8:30am

The dish you have to try. A good plate of frijoles negro con huevos and anything from the roster of rotating specials, specially chicharrón verde — a truly life-changer dish!

Mexico City: Food Tour

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