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things to do with kids in Mexico City mexican hotels and resorts

Things to do with Kids in Mexico City

Things to do with Kids in Mexico City. Mexico City it’s colorful and chaotic and ridiculously big. During that time we’ve explored a lot of what this city has to offer families (and in doing so we’ve realized how much more there is to see and do!). Contrary to what you might think, Mexico’s capital is a brilliant place for children with so many sights, activities, parks, museums and more, that they will love. Make sure you do these things to do with kids in Mexico City.

The following list of things to do with kids in Mexico City is by no means exhaustive but it includes some of our favorite activities and some that are on our wish list.

things to do with kids in Mexico City

1. El Zócalo

El Zócalo has been the heart of Mexico City since Aztec times when it was the main ceremonial center of the capital Tenochtitlan. Since then it has witnessed the royal proclamations, military parades, Independence ceremonies and more. It has also been the setting for celebrations, for protests and, most recently, the opening scene in the James Bond movie, Spectre. It’s also known by its formal name, Plaza de la Constitución and is one of the largest city squares in the world. At 6pm daily soldiers take down the enormous flag that stands at the center of the Zócalo; watch from the terrace of the Grand Hotel with a hot chocolate!

2. Churros y chocolate

If you’ve not had churros before then you need to head over to El Morro. This characterful churreria is open 24-hours a day selling little more than hot chocolate and piping hot churros – Mexico’s answer to the humble doughnut (but better!). El Moro was started in 1935 by Francisco Iriarte who arrived in Mexico from a small town in Spain and started selling churros from a cart in the Zócalo. Today Churrería el Moro has various other outlets in swankier parts of town, but its the original cafe in the capital’s centre that we like to visit. One of the most delicious things to do with kids in Mexico City!

3. El Templo Mayor

Every time I visit El Templo Mayor, The Great Temple, I’m amazed that excavation on this major archaeological site only began in 1978. This temple was the heart of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan and where, according to legend, the Aztecs saw an eagle perching on a cactus with a snake in its beak. The Templo Mayor has a gory history. This temple saw many a human sacrifice; the stepped pyramid’s staircase is where the bodies of those sacrificed were thrown once they’d had their heart ripped out. The accompanying museum, that showcases all the objects discovered in the ruins, is fantastic. Things to do with kids in Mexico City: historical visit checked!

4. Dulcería de Celaya

This incredible sweet shop on Avenue 5 de Mayo is simply divine. Established in 1874, little has changed in the last 126 years and this bustling candy store continues to sell over 150 different types of sweets and desserts. Even if you don’t come for the dulces, it’s worth stopping by to see the grand Art Nouveau decor, the wonderful tiled floor and the incredible range of goodies on display in glass units. Kids will love it!

5. Downtown Hotel

Located in the heart of the Historic Centre is this hotel, part of the chi-chi Habita Hotel Group. Downtown is housed within a 17th-century palace and, in addition to boasting a chic hotel, is a restaurant and retail complex. It’s worth going just to look at how the architects have transformed this ancient building into a modern day hotel. On the ground floor sits the restaurant Azul, where diners enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine under the canopy of trees, lit by candlelight. The second floor is where you’ll find the shops; the stores feature Mexican designers, there’s an art gallery and the chance to buy traditional crafts. On the third floor is the hotel itself and the rooftop pool sits on the terrace. It’s a fun place to simply browse, but it’s also good for a coffee stop (Que Bo!, the chocolatier, also serves coffee) and sandwiches at the deli on the second floor.Things to do with kids in Mexico City has never been so much fun!

Things to do with kids in Mexico City

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