Things you should know about Mexico CIty

things you should know about Mexico city
While there are so many misconceptions about Mexico City after paying a visit these misconceptions will disappear!

Here are some of the things you should know about Mexico City:

1. It is safe 
One of the things I kept getting asked over and over when I told people I was going to Mexico City (especially as a solo female traveler) – “but is it SAFE?!” The answer to that is – yes, absolutely! The big misconception about Mexico City is that it is a crime-ridden city, full of drug violence and that kidnappings are abundant. While the US State Department recently issued a travel warning for many parts of Mexico, the Mexico City area was excluded. Mexico City doesn’t even make it in the top 50 cities with the highest homicide rates in the world – a list that includes US cities such as Detroit, New Orleans, St. Louis, and Baltimore. This makes one of the most important things you should know about Mexico City.

2. It stands at over 7000 feet above sea level
Mexico City stands at 7,382 feet (2200 meters) above sea level. That is 2000 feet higher than Denver. It is in a valley surrounded by volcanoes. It shouldn’t affect you too much, but if you are sensitive to high altitude, definitely carry some drugs. I wasn’t too bothered by it, but did find myself a little more out of breath than usual when climbing stairs and such. Did you also know that the city was built on a lake called Texcoco, and is has sunk more than 9 meters over the last 100 years?

Things you should know about Mexico City

3. There are a lot of amazing museums
With more than 150 museums, Mexico City is home to the most museums in the world. These museums exhibit anything from European art, Latin American culture, history, science, and more – literally something for everyone!

4. It is HUGE
Mexico City is an enormous city, with over 20 million residents calling it home. It is the largest city in Latin America, the largest metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the top 10 most populous cities in the world. It also has a huge economy – if Mexico City were its own country, it would have the fifth largest economy in Latin America. One of the things you should know about Mexico City is that the biggere the city the bigger the fun!

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7. It’s a pretty city
One of the biggest misconceptions that I had about Mexico was that it was dirty and busy. While many parts of the city are definitely busy, I was blown away by how pretty the city was, from the greenery mentioned above, well-manicured homes, colonial architecture, and beautiful facades. Walking through parts of the city reminded me of strolling through the streets of Paris and in Italy. I especially loved wandering the streets of Coyoacan, an artsy, bohemian neighborhood, and San Angel, with its pretty pastel facades and cobblestone streets.


Things you should know about Mexico City

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