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Things you should know about Mexico City

Visit Mexico City: First Timers Guide

Visit Mexico City. Start by taking a tour full of history!
The first stop of the exploration was the imposing Zócalo or Historical Center, here many important moments of the city take place, from the celebration of the National Holidays to artistic movements, this is a space of the people and it shows. Here you can spend much of the day, since the Metropolitan Cathedral is located, which was built where the Aztec Temple was once and is listed as the largest cathedral on the continent, as well as being a delight to behold for its architecture as the altarpieces that are inside, is one of the most outstanding works of Spanish-American art.

visit mexico city

I recommend you to have a panoramic view of the Zócalo, to go to the restaurants that are in the buildings that are facing the Government Palace and in the process you take something to refresh yourself of so much beauty that is around you.

One of the moments I was waiting for when I visit Mexico City, was to see with my own eyes the murals of Diego Rivera that he made in the Palace in 1929 and 1951, which narrate iconic moments in the history of Mexico. Admission is completely free but on Mondays, it is closed and so with all the museums in the city. An important fact, Mexico City is the second with more museums, with this I continued to fall in love as a quinceañera another excuse to visit Mexico City.

An ideal place to walk is Paseo Reforma, on the way you come across the famous Angel of Independence so you can take the corresponding photo and then end up in the lung of the city, Chapultepec Park, name that cost me my life learn, like several of the names of streets and metro stations but with practice you will be able to pronounce it.

visit mexico city

The park is a delight to behold, it has the ability to lower revolutions. You will find a lagoon where you can sail in small boats, there is the Castillo de Chapultepec that has a beautiful view, in addition, you can find the Museum of Contemporary Art, Museo del Caracol and the one that made me fall in love with the butterflies in my stomach was the National Museum of History and Anthropology. It is a beautiful journey into history, here you will see the original Aztec calendar, it was an exciting time when what is in the books is real. This is something that they have to have written down in their agenda if or when visiting the city. The value of the entrance to the museum is $ 60 Mexican pesos (3 USD).

The city has its own magic that surrounds you in every step you take and without realizing it you already fill the memory of your camera by wanting to keep every moment that you observe so as not to forget this beautiful city. While walking through the Alameda, it appears in front of me, one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen, the glorious Fine Arts, its orange dome mixed with the white color of the walls, form an architectural landscape that hypnotizes you. impossible to stop looking. Fine Arts offers a wide cultural billboard for all tastes.

Visit Mexico City: First Timers Guide

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Visit Mexico City: First Timers Guide

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